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Since 1988, SSCS have provided third-party hardware maintenance and support to enterprise IT departments and data center leadership. As an alternative to OEM support, SSCS dramatically impacts OpEx (Operating Expense) budgets for post-warranty servers, storage systems and networking hardware.

While SSCS, a truly global support provider, is often discovered as a logical resource for cost reductions, most new clients turn into long-term partnerships – realizing the intrinsic value of the company’s flexibility, thoughtful support model and continued investments in infrastructure and personnel.

The promise to every client? Experience Exceptional Service QualitySM

While marketplace trends in the adoption of hybrid infrastructure support models have grown, along with the increasing acceptance of third-party hardware maintenance, SSCS holds steadfast in its commitment to demonstrable Service Quality. While many third-party maintainers are competing primarily on price, SSCS deeply values the importance of your IT infrastructure and the mission critical function it provides to your business. SSCS won’t compromise service quality, merely to reach the lowest price. Instead, transparency and collaboration are paramount to building trust first, then the long-term partnership. During consultation, when requirements only necessitate “bare-bones” service, SSCS is happy to oblige with a detailed summary of service inclusions and exclusions, so that your service expectations are met.

SSCS Mission

SSCS provides enterprise IT hardware support and maintenance to a global client base. Supporting mission critical servers, storage and networking equipment, we’re known for inspired consultation and truly customized solutions. We hire carefully, seeking team members that are driven to provide expert solutions and unrelenting in their commitment to value. No other independent support provider matches our drive to precisely understand your unique standards for service quality, then enthusiastically aims to surpass them. At SSCS, words are never as valued as results.

What Sets SSCS Apart

From Your OEM?

  • Costs will average 40-60% less.
  • SSCS has globally available, multi-vendor (multi-OEM) expertise
  • No hidden agendas to drive an unnecessary tech refresh, only a hard-wired drive to serve and to solve

From Other Third-Party Maintainers?

  • Steadfast in a commitment to service quality that exceeds expectations
  • No hidden agendas, only full transparency throughout customized service requests
  • Champions of service quality over lowest-price solutioning
  • Unconditional consultation, rooted only in your business drivers and your success

SSCS Hardware Maintenance

SSCS offers customized support options, flexible SLAs, local parts back-up, call home support, 24x7x365 English-speaking call center, incident/asset tracking portal and a 29-year history of client satisfaction.

SSCS third-party maintenance is branded as Solid Care and is offered in three levels: Solid Care Critical is 24x7x4, Solid Care Urgent is 9x5x4, and Solid Care Select is 9x5xNBD. Custom SLAs that include guaranteed restore times are available under the SSCS Intensive Care program.

SSCS provides independent maintenance on post-warranty assets, including (but not limited to): Dell, HP, IBM, Sun/Oracle, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi (HDS) and Cisco networking equipment.

SSCS Professional Services & IT Field Support

In addition to third party maintenance and support of IT enterprise hardware, SSCS offers these additional professional services: IMAC, Smart Hands, Data Center Relocations and/or IT Equipment Relocations, Equipment Decommissioning (or IT Asset Disposition), Equipment Deployments (or IT Asset Installations).

Our Leadership

The Senior Management and Executives at SSCS have a depth of experience in the third party maintenance that is unparalleled. And with an average tenure at SSCS just under 14 years, we have remarkable continuity of management. We encourage you to learn more about our leaders here. For information about the founders of SSCS, go here.

Client Testimonials

At SSCS, nothing is more important than the trust and satisfaction of our clients. We have been in business. Since 1988, and in that time we have delivered superior service and results for thousands of companies, world-wide.

Our Locations

Our global locations mean we're never far away. If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our local represenatives visit us here for a complete listing.

Hardware Maintenance Services

SSCS Has 30+ Years of Enterprise-Level Experience in Solving your Hardware Maintenance Needs!

SSCS is truly unique in the IT world because our service is our actual product: it is our business to have the right skills in the right place with the right components at the right time to meet our service commitment to you. As a leading third party maintenance provider, (TPM) we are experts at the hardware repair of servers, storage, and network equipment of virtually all brands.

Since 1988, we have delivered an unparalleled IT service experience to our clients by truly listening to their needs and going out of our way to ensure their success. In fact, our clients are often on a first name basis with their SSCS technicians because we work together with you hand-in-hand on all of your hardware maintenance needs. We are 100% committed to giving you the highest possible service levels so your data remains always secure and readily available. Everything about our company organization supports this unwavering commitment to excellence.

You’ve probably noticed how the original equipment manufacturers will try to convince you to continually upgrade your hardware or face increasing charges for maintenance, and eventually they’ll issue an end-of-service date to force you into new equipment. That can sometimes leave your IT department in a tough situation with no easy answer.

But here’s the advantage we offer - those end-of-service dates mean absolutely nothing if you’re partnered with SSCS. We provide service well beyond the manufacturer’s end dates to allow your organization to achieve a much higher return on investment. In fact, we will never try to sell you any type of equipment until you’re ready to upgrade or you need a replacement. That’s the reason we’re the world’s leading third party maintenance provider- we always put your needs first.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Solid Care

We offer a menu of hardware maintenance service level agreements that will ensure you have a fit for purpose level of service that also allows the possibility of significant savings over OEM charges. All support programs are expressed in terms of the number of hours covered in a day (24), the number of days in the week covered (7), and the maximum numbers of hours for a physical response from SSCS (4).

Our clients are welcome to choose the right level of care based on equipment and circumstance. And because we have the ability to set the SLA according to individual machines, you are not forced into only one SLA choice per location. All contract calls are acknowledged within 30 minutes of contact to our global call center and a ticket number will be provided.

Solid Care CRITICAL- 24 x 7 x 4 service provided around the clock coverage seven days a week including bank holidays. Our physical response on-site for this service level is four hours from contact. Our technical staff will bring a crash kit of common failure items to complete a repair.

Solid Care URGENT - 9 x 5 x 4 service provided nine hours a day five days a week excluding bank holidays. Our physical response on-site for this service level is four hours from contact. Our technical staff will bring a crash kit of common failure items to complete a repair.

Solid Care SELECT - 9 x 5 x NBD service provided on a next business day basis, excluding bank holidays. Our technical staff will bring a crash kit of common failure items to complete a repair.

*Restore Commitment & Custom SLA Available Under our Intensive Care programs. Please inquire how we can deliver up to a four hour RESTORE commitment.

How to Choose the Correct SLA for Your Needs


Our objective is to assist our clients in making the best buying decision regarding service coverage of their IT assets. Given that SSCS has the ability to allow different SLA coverage within the same datacenter, or data closet, we wanted to provide you the means to evaluate how critical the equipment and function is to your business, and therefore you need the top tier Service Level Agreement (SLA) and where you can economize your maintenance budget by selecting a lower response SLA for less critical assets.

Analyzing the criticality of device

If any of the below are true, you might consider our Solid Care - Critical SLA if you need a response “now” regardless of time of day or day of week:
  • The device is used in conjunction with critical business functions that must always be available.
  • Un-scheduled system downtime can major impact to the business
  • A system outage can have significant negative impact on your clients or partners.

If any of these points are true, you might consider our Solid Care - Urgent SLA if you need a response this business day:
  • This device is used for important work and needs to be repaired quickly should it fail.
  • This devise has multiple users who reply on its uptime.
  • This device is not used after normal business hours, or on weekends.

If any of these statements are true, you might consider Solid Care - Select SLA if it can wait till until next business day:
  • This device is used for development work, or work that is not critical to the primary work output of your company.
  • This device is only intermittently used, and short periods of downtime are not problematic.
  • This device is kept on for archival purposes.

Learn more


At SSCS, we realize that your computer hardware is critical for your business to operate effectively. Even short downtimes can cripple your operation, frustrate clients and lead to missed opportunities. That is why we do everything in our power to ensure that your servers are always operating at peak levels so you don’t have to worry about “the unthinkable” happening.

To learn more about how we take care of your essential equipment, please visit our server page or contact us directly.


Since your company data is the life-blood of your organization, SSCS always goes above and beyond to keep your information available. Our highly skilled IT technicians can extend the life of your enterprise storage arrays by keeping them healthy for years to come, and thereby drastically boosting your total overall return on investment.

For more information about how SSCS can protect your vital data, please visit our storage page.


SSCS IT professionals have vast experience working a wide variety of network devices to keep information flowing at peak efficiency; often well past the expected end of life to give you a much larger return on investment. We can also work with Cisco Smartnet contracts to ensure you receive the most for your hard-earned dollars.

To learn more about how we take care of your essential equipment, please visit our network page or contact us directly.

Web Tools

SSCS is proud to announce that we have developed a number of proprietary web-based tools and applications to simplify your working relationship with SSCS technicians, to grant faster access to your data and to locate your equipment in the field. For example, our external web portal offers true 24/7 reporting for any technical issues that you may experience.

Our web tools allows our clients to:
  • Open service calls (Break fix, IMAC’s, and ad hoc tape handling)
  • View site information for your sites in the portal
  • View/print open and historical service calls
  • View site contacts
  • View, search, and export site asset lists

For more information about our proprietary web tools, please visit our web tools page or reach out to us today to schedule a no-hassle demonstration.

IT Field Services

Need Smart Hands? SSCS Will Provide Them…Today!

Regardless of where or when you may need on-site technical service, SSCS has the solution. Our business is to provide the right skillset where it is needed and on your schedule- when the task involves physically being there on-site, we are your answer.

For example, many of our clients have a centralized administration team managing their servers and storage that reside in dark datacenters, so when they experience any type of remote hardware issue, it requires taking their highly skilled staff off-site and leaving the company vulnerable. SSCS eliminates that issue by giving you a much more convenient option- let us handle it.

  • Some of the use cases for Smart hands are:
  • Hard system re-boots
  • Tape cartridge swapping
  • Resetting ILO and/or remote connectivity cards
  • Physical verification of any type
  • Installations and upgrades
  • Decommissions

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Equipment Relocation

You may wonder; how hard could it be to move your company’s essential hardware from one location to another? In a worst case scenario, it can become a true logistical nightmare where productivity is crippled. That’s why partnering with SSCS makes so much sense- our expert IT professionals deliver true end to end services without any of the headaches.

For more information, please visit our equipment relocation page.

Equipment Decommissioning

At times it’s difficult to know whether to step up to new technology or stay with your current solutions, and SSCS will be here to help you make those critical decisions either way. But when you do decide to retire old equipment, then you can rest assured that we will properly dispose of your equipment in the safest, most responsible way. We always meet or exceed local, federal and international standards to ensure that your company information is fully protected.

If you need help decommissioning older equipment, then please visit our contact page or our equipment decommissing page.

Equipment Deployment

The planning stages of any type of equipment upgrade are a massive undertaking due to the many complexities involved with compatibility, cost and the overall performance that’s ultimately delivered. SSCS technicians have helped our clients complete thousands of equipment deployment projects all over the globe, and we are extremely proficient to ensure you a deployment project that is delivered on time, and within budget.

Since SSCS is brand neutral across dozens of today’s most popular manufacturers, we always have your best interests at heart when helping you plan, purchase and deploy new hardware equipment. Learn more about our equipment deployment strategies here.

We have been providing comprehensive and accurate equipment inventories for over two decades. Whether you have a single location or multiple worldwide data centers, we can perform complete equipment inventories without disrupting your operations.

Asset Management

Let’s face it; asset management SHOULD BE easy regardless of how large or small your company’s footprint is. And with SSCS at your side, you’ll be happy to discover how simple we make it for you to track, reassign or service all of your most important assets. You’ll definitely love our web-based tools that place you in complete control.

To learn more about SSCS’s asset management solutions, visit us here at your earliest convenience.

Hardware Purchasing & Leasing

Likewise, SSCS is 100% brand neutral and we will happily help you locate new or used equipment for all of your IT needs. We take this approach because our goal is not to sell you something; it’s to build long-term relationships that will help your company thrive. So whether you’re looking to purchase or lease additional equipment for your company, SSCS has you fully covered.

Learn more about our hardware lease and purchasing options here.

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes it’s hard to justify hiring a full time IT professional to complete a temporary or permanent project, and that’s why SSCS offers extremely flexible staff augmentation services for your needs. Then again, maybe your tech team is not well versed in emerging technologies…we can help there too. For a day, a week or even the next year, SSCS can provide highly knowledgeable IT help whenever you need it.

To learn more about our IT staff augmentation services, please follow this enclosed link.

Project Planning

Choosing the right technology is not only about hardware and equipment; it’s about finding the right partner that will always have your best interests at heart. So before you sign on that dotted line and commit to a big multi-year purchase contract; give SSCS a call for a truly different project planning experience. We can likely save you a small fortune by helping you find the ideal solution.

For more information about SSCS’s project planning, please follow this link.