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Hardware Purchase & Leasing

SSCS Finds Ideal Equipment on Your Terms…While Still Saving You Money!

Have you ever attended one of those over-hyped expos in Las Vegas where hundreds of your industry’s vendors are all packed into a single conference room? While the atmosphere makes it a fun afternoon regardless, we simply don’t care for the philosophy of showing you a product and convincing you that it’s going to revolutionize your business.

Because let’s face it…it’s probably not. If it were that good to begin with, then it wouldn’t take a booth of corporate salesmen to convince you to buy it.

At SSCS, we have one of the most flexible, non-pressure hardware purchasing processes in the entire tech industry.

Save Money with a Click

Here’s how it works-
  1. When you’re ready to expand, replace or upgrade your current equipment, you’ll let us know.
  2. An SSCS professional will then meet with you to discuss your current needs and future goals.
  3. Our team then creates a series of action plans that will fit all of your exact needs.
  4. We will then discuss these options with you including purchase/lease possibilities.
  5. Once you’re ready to proceed, SSCS will be ready as well.

As you can see, high-pressure sales tactics just doesn’t fit with our larger philosophy on how to serve our clients.

Our Locations

Our global locations mean we're never far away. If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our local represenatives visit us here for a complete listing.