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SSCS is the Worldwide Authority for All of Your Server Hardware Maintenance Needs!

It’s no secret that in business, time is money. Sometimes, even the smallest of hardware issues could end up costing your company a small fortune in unnecessary downtime and lost productivity. That’s why we always go to great lengths to be prepared with the right personnel, equipped with the right parts, who will be in the right place right when you need them.

We take hardware server maintenance extremely seriously because we understand how important it is to your business. SSCS technicians place great emphasis in knowing the exact configurations of your servers so that whenever a component fails, we are prepared. Furthermore, our team is also very aware of matching firmware versions to provide an exact match when replacing components.


There is disinformation in the marketplace designed to deter you from making prudent decisions around the support of your servers. Our IT professionals will help you understand our solutions with respect to firmware and security patch updates, and how we mitigate risk.

Nothing is left to chance – we will review our preparedness and sparing plans with you prior to a contract commencement date to ensure that all aspects of our service are ready.

Some of the servers we repair are -

Maintenance Expertise That You Can Trust

Maintenance Expertise

SSCS team members have extensive training on Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo, and Oracle servers to ensure that they are always well equipped to meet your specific maintenance needs. We help with software tasks like updating operating systems, system drivers and firmware when needed, plus we’ll also be on stand-by to verify your backups are working, to check disk usage and/or diagnose hardware tuning issues.

By applying our proven methods, SSCS can drastically reduce or even eliminate costly downtime.

The Perfect Plan for your Server Needs

In fact, we have one of the most unique business models of any hardware maintenance firm worldwide-

  • Five distinct service levels to meet your exact organizational needs
  • Dedicated IT technicians that always have your best interests at heart
  • Personalized relationships based on trust, understanding and goodwill
  • Extensive knowledge about your servers and how to repair them quickly
  • Global logistical capability and the resources to robustly spare for your equipment in advance.
  • Proven methods to ensure that you get any necessary updates to firmware or security patches
  • User friendly and efficient web portal and world class call center

Make SSCS a Part of Your Global Family

No matter where your staff and your equipment are currently located in the world, SSCS provides the same levels of personalized service and attention. Additionally, SSCS makes sure that you will always have a dedicated technician on stand-by that knows you by name and understands your business’s unique requirements. That’s because all SSCS technicians are more than just tech support- they are truly a part of your corporate family and laser-focused on your organizational needs. If you need to expand your current capabilities or need additional equipment visit our hardware purchase page for more information.

So you can benefit from cost effective, reliable and efficient service for your servers, give SSCS a call today.

Our Locations

Our global locations mean we're never far away. If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our local represenatives visit us here for a complete listing.