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Trust SSCS to Keep Your Enterprise Storage Hardware at Full Capacity!

There are many issues that can have a negative effect on the operation of your enterprise storage besides component failures on the array itself. Our storage professionals are adept at troubleshooting hosts and LAN switches as well as the functionality of the array components.

We feel we “own” any issue that affects your enterprise storage regardless of whether it is in our scope or not. Our staff will lead bridge meetings to get to the source of the issue and provide practical advice to quickly remedy the situation.

Storage Equipment

The SSCS team also has the capability to set the arrays to send outbound error messages to our alert center and your storage team as well. On-site, we utilize a laptop connection to engage our level three support staff to rapidly interrogate a problem and take corrective action.

As with all the products we maintain, SSCS pre-orders an assortment of both critical and high usage items so that regardless of the failure, we can have the system restored quickly. Our approach is to examine each array individually to assure that we have the proper details of the configuration and the firmware version for each component. As part of our transition plan, we will review all sparing and preparedness details prior to contract start date.

Some of the storage brands that we actively service are -

Maintaining a Healthy Storage Environment

Maintaining a Healthy Storage Environment

The professional IT technicians at SSCS have the expertise to ensure that you receive the greatest possible return on investment on your current equipment. We expand the life of your storage equipment well beyond the manufacturer’s end of life expectancy, all the while keeping the information steadily flowing throughout your organization.

Effective Post-Warranty Storage Maintenance

You may be feeling some pressure from the original manufacturer to “step up” to a more modern storage solution. The OEMs have an agenda to sell new equipment as often as possible – they are selling product. This is frequently opposed to your financial and business needs.

SSCS has only one loyalty when it comes to hardware maintenance- your needs. If your equipment needs to be repaired or replaced then we will gladly assist you, but you’ll never hear us recommend an upgrade for the sake of potential profit. Our service IS our product and any decision regarding replacement should be yours, for your own reasons and best interest. If you need to expand your current capabilities or need additional equipment visit our hardware purchase page for more information.

Our Locations

Our global locations mean we're never far away. If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our local represenatives visit us here for a complete listing.