By Darren Booth, EMEA Service Delivery Manager, SSCS

As a relatively new team member of SSCS, but not so new to the hardware support industry, I can honestly say that there is something very special about this company’s culture – it really is our differentiator. That “something” equates to great benefits for the employees and also for the clients of this independent hardware support provider (also known as “Third-Party Maintainer” or “TPM”).

It sounds simple – “One Team”.

It sounds simple in all aspects. Simple to have. Simple to request and simple to build. Even simple to maintain. But, I assure you it is not and I’ve never experienced anything quite like this “One Team” at any previous employer. Before I explain the benefits our client base experience, I think it’s only fair to better define for the reader what “One Team” really means:

  1. 24×7, a team of trusted peers are unrelenting about their availability to help by answering questions or offering advice. I have found this to be quite rare among company executives, often it is promised but not delivered, so it is inspirational when executives demonstrate enthusiasm for truly behaving as leaders.
  2. Requests and/or questions are responded to in a very timely fashion, from absolutely everyone in the organisation. Not only are these responses timely, the author took the extra time to be conscientious in their response – truly helpful. At this company, everyone responds as though they are on your team and their help is integral to your success. There is a personal level of accountability that crosses all teams, to every employee and the mutual respect is apparent.
  3. The first five words of the company’s internal Vision Statement are, “Behaving as a close family”. Never were such words so true – the culture, employee satisfaction and level of work enjoyment is clear to see. This sets the tone of how all employees work together and with clients backed up by established and solid hiring practices. The gentle workplace reminders and job well done emails go a long way!

How does such a unique culture translate into benefit for the typical client:

  1. A patient and caring approach, are traits throughout the organisation, extending into the daily service provided by every member of the technical support team. You have positive and upbeat field engineers arriving onsite and treating your team members with the same care and respect they receive every day.
  2. Field engineers, as well as their backline support, are clear-headed and optimistic, making them more efficient in problem determination and resolution. This also translates into patient explanation for key members of your team, often leading to open and helpful discussions of best practices.
  3. A happy member of a “One Team” culture is welcoming to others, even clients or your other vendors. There is no “Us vs. Them.”

Does this sound anything like your OEM hardware support providers? If you’re already using an independent provider for post-warranty hardware assets, does it sound like them? How might you enjoy a “one team” approach for your mission critical hardware environment?

Darren Booth, EMEA Service Delivery Manager, SSCS

While this is Darren’s first year with SSCS, he has been in technical support for 26 years, including 14 years in break/fix of data centre hardware (servers, storage and networking hardware). In his early career, he discovered his passion for troubleshooting and fault finding while he was a helicopter mechanic for the Royal Air Force (RAF). As the Service Delivery Manager (SDM) for EMEA, he is responsible for maintaining service quality standards for all clients throughout the region.

Darren enjoys mountain biking, running, movies and DIY (Do It Yourself) including the planning, design and construction of a major extension he has underway right now at his home.

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