By John Kolkmeier, Director, Global Service Delivery, SSCS

Overwhelmed with tracking which assets are approaching EoL (End of Life) or EoSL (End of Service Life)? Several independent hardware support companies already track this data for you and do so much more logically than what is provided by the OEM. Several independent support companies have EoL tracking resources at their website, including SSCS.

There are several EMC storage models heading toward EoSL in the next 12 months. I’m hoping this quick-check list is helpful to you and your team:

EMC EoSL from September 2017 through July 2018

EMC Model EMC of Support Life Date
Symmetrix DMX-4 9/30/2017
Symmetrix DMX-4 950 9/30/2017
Symmetrix VMAX 10K 9/30/2017
Symmetrix VMAX SE 9/30/2017
Symmetrix VMAXe 9/30/2017
Isilon 108NL 10/31/2017
Isilon 36NL 10/31/2017
Isilon 72NL 10/31/2017
Isilon IQ36000x 10/31/2017
Isilon IQ72000x 10/31/2017
Isilon IQ12000x 12/31/2017
Isilon IQ5000S-SSD 12/31/2017
Isilon IQ32000x-SSD 12/31/2017
RecoverPoint Gen4 1/31/2018
Avamar Data Store Gen4 3/31/2018
Connectrix – Brocade AP-7600B 3/31/2018
File Management Appliance Gen 7 3/31/2018
Connectrix – Brocade DS-5100B (4G Switch) 4/30/2018
Connectrix – Brocade DS-5100B-8G (8G Switch) 4/30/2018
Connectrix – Brocade DS-5100B-EP 4/30/2018
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-4LR 4/30/2018
Connectrix – Brocade MP-8000B 5/31/2018
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-24-8G 7/31/2018
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-44-8G 7/31/2018
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-48-8G 7/31/2018


Should you have any assets approaching end of support, don’t forget that you need not pay expensive EMC support pricing once these assets go off warranty. Instead, look to independent support – both for the savings and the remarkable service. Often called Third-Party Maintenance (TPM), this industry of independent support companies can be an amazing resource.

Feel free to bookmark the EoSL Resource Library we’ve created at SSCS; or more specifically, the EMC EoSL Resource Library is also very helpful. If you discover specific assets which we haven’t listed in these resource centers, please alert us and we will promptly address.

New to the TPM industry? Here are a few helpful white papers:

1. “Understand Why 71% of Fortune 100 Companies are Now Using Independent Hardware Support”
2. “Still Unfamiliar with the Benefits of Third-Party Hardware Maintenance?”

John “JK” Kolkmeier, Director, Global Service Delivery, SSCS

This year will be John’s 29th year with SSCS Global IT Services. A graduate of University of Houston, Clear Lake, most of John’s field service career has been with SSCS. Having several years of experience in direct field service and break/fix maintenance for multiple OEMs and platforms, John was promoted to Global Service Director eight years ago. All global field support and OEM subject matter expertise reports up to him.

In addition to his deep levels of interest in data center support best practices, John is an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, committed to non-profit groups dedicated to habitat protections and enhancement. He is also an avid fan of all sports, with a great appreciation for golf.

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