By Evandro Pasquarelli, Business Development Director, SSCS Brazil

Tracking Dell-EMC EoSL (End of Support Life) or EoL (End of Life) dates can be time-consuming and complicated – especially when the OEM makes it complicated to do so. We’ve built an EoSL Resource Library you can easily check any time. Or, you can bookmark this page for Dell assets or this page for EMC assets.

These are the known Dell-EMC models heading toward EoSL in the next few years.

Dell-EMC Model EOSL Date
EMC Isilon Switch MELLANOX 36-PORT QDR IB Switch 8/31/2018
EMC IQ Accelerator-x 10/31/2018
EMC IQ Backup Accelerator-x 10/31/2018
Dell Equallogic PS6000X 11/11/2018
Dell Equallogic PS6000XV 11/11/2018
EMC Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9124 1/31/2019
EMC Data Domain DD640 3/31/2019
EMC Data Domain DD670 3/31/2019
EMC Data Domain DD860 3/31/2019
EMC Data Domain DD890 3/31/2019
EMC Connectrix – Cisco MDS-3000W-PSU 4/30/2019
EMC Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9509-V2 4/30/2019
Dell Equallogic PS6010X 6/26/2019
Dell Equallogic PS6010XV 6/26/2019
EMC AX4-5 Array 6/30/2019
EMC AX4-5 AX4-5 Array 6/30/2019
EMC Connectrix – Brocade DS-5300B (4G Switch) 7/31/2019
EMC Connectrix – Brocade DS-5300B-8G (8G Switch) 7/31/2019
EMC Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX 10/31/2019
EMC Connectrix – Brocade ES-5832B 12/31/2019
EMC Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-16EB 12/31/2019
EMC Data Domain DD620 12/31/2019
Dell PowerConnect 2824 24 port Gb Ethernet Switch 1/31/2020
EMC Data Domain DD160 6/30/2020
EMC Isilon S200 6/30/2020
EMC Isilon X400 6/30/2020
EMC Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9148 10/31/2020
EMC Atmos Generation 2 3TB – G2 12/31/2020
EMC Atmos Generation 2 G2 12/31/2020
EMC Data Domain DD990 12/31/2020
EMC Connectrix – Cisco MDS-FMS-9100 2/28/2021
EMC Connectrix – Cisco MDS-FMS-9200 2/28/2021
EMC Connectrix – Cisco MDS-FMS-9500 2/28/2021
EMC Isilon NL400 3/31/2021
EMC Isilon X200 3/31/2021
EMC Isilon S210 – 32GB DIMM 7/31/2021
EMC Isilon X410 – 32 GB DIMM 7/31/2021
EMC Data Domain ES30-15 SATA 9/30/2021
EMC Data Domain ES30-30 SATA 9/30/2021
EMC Data Domain ES30-45 SATA 9/30/2021
EMC Atmos Generation 3 G3 12/31/2021
Dell Unity 300F 1/31/2023
Dell Unity 400F 1/31/2023
Dell VNX7600 1/31/2023

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Options:

• Consider why you are refreshing: Why not keep legacy systems that have reached “stable state” – protecting your CapEx budgets and OpEx budgets?
• Consider the cost to benefits: Is a hardware refresh truly necessary and worthy of the cost? Click here to read more.
• Consider your hardware acquisition options: Instead of refreshing to new servers and storage, have you considered pre-owned hardware?

Consider reading this informative SSCS white paper, named “Enterprise Trends in Hardware Lifecycle Extension Strategies.



Evandro Pasquarelli, Business Development Director, SSCS Brazil

Evandro joined SSCS in November 2014, leading business development within Brazil, but also helping to support multi-national organizations with interests in the Brazilian marketplace. Prior to SSCS, he held sales positions in TIM Brasil, Alcatel-Lucent, Nextel, among other great companies. He has an MBA in Marketing from FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas. In his spare time, Evandro enjoys spending time with his family, the ongoing quest for happiness and work-life balance and cooking great food with dear friends.

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