By Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS

If you’re growing weary of tracking EoSL dates for your owned hardware assets, and doing so from individual OEM websites, you should know there’s a much easier solution – without the burdensome digging. Several independent support companies have EoL tracking details at their website, including SSCS. 

There are three HDS (Hitachi Data Systems) storage models heading toward EoSL in the next 12 months:

HDS Model  End of Support Life Date 
AMD 2500  9/30/2017 
AMD 2100 9/30/2018 
AMD 2300 9/30/2018 


Should you have any Hitachi hardware assets approaching EoS, don’t forget that you need not pay expensive Hitachi support pricing for post warranty assets. Instead, look to independent support. Savings of 50% or more often capture the interest, but it’s the remarkable service that keeps clients around for 10+ years.

Feel free to bookmark the EoSL Resource Library we’ve created at SSCS; or more specifically, the HDS EoSL Resource Library is also very helpful. If you discover specific assets which we haven’t listed in these resource centers, please alert us and we will promptly address.

Unfamiliar with the TPM (Third Party Maintenance) industry? Here are two educational white papers:

1. “Understand Why 71% of Fortune 100 Companies are Now Using Independent Hardware Support”
2. “Still Unfamiliar with the Benefits of Third-Party Hardware Maintenance?”

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Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS

This year will be Mark’s 23rd year with SSCS Global IT Services. Beginning in sales, he was promoted to Vice President, Sales & Marketing, now responsible for all global sales activities, brand recognition, inbound/outbound marketing and primary messaging. In his previous employment in management with Ritz Carlton, Mark was highly influenced by their industry-leading customer service program, as influenced by the standards of the Malcolm Baldridge quality awards.

In his spare time, Mark is engaged is numerous activities with his daughter, plays the bass guitar and is a vocalist with a band and his church choir.

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