By Sarah Bellamy, SSCS Sales Development Director, EMEA

Tracking EoL (End of Life) or EoSL (End of Support Life) announcements and dates can be burdensome so we’ve built an EoSL Resource Library you can check any time. Specific to Hitachi Data Systems;(HDS) Storage, you can click here, or take a quick-glance at the list below.

There are six known Hitachi Data Systems storage models heading toward EoSL in the next few years

Hitachi Storage Model  End of Support Life Date 
HDS AMS 2300 9/30/17
HDS AMS 2100 9/30/18
HDS CR 220 11/18/18
HDS HNAS 3200 11/18/18
HDS HNAS SMU 300 11/18/18
HDS 520H A1 7/7/19
HDS 520H B1 7/7/19
HDS HNAS 3080 8/27/19
HDS HNAS 3090 G1 8/27/19
HDS 540A A1 1/19/20
HDS 540A B1 1/19/20


Next Step Considerations:

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•  Instead of refreshing to new, might there be value in pre-owned hardware?

Feel free to also check out this SSCS white paper, named:

•  Enterprise Trends in Hardware Lifecycle Extension Strategies.



Sarah Bellamy, SSCS Sales Development Director, EMEA

Sarah first joined SSCS in 1995 in a sales role, left in 2002 for a while to build a family, then re-joined the organization 2013 as a Business Development Manager, based out of Nottingham, UK. In 2018, Sarah was promoted to Sales Development Director for all EMEA, leading the sales team and the development of solutions which best match the needs of each unique client. Sarah’s passions include her family, skiing, world travel (especially to skiing destinations) and helping people. Among her peers she is known as a great listener and incredible problem solver.

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