By Joel Holder, Senior Account Executive, SSCS North America

Tracking IBM EoSL (End of Support Life) or EoL (End of Life) dates can be time-consuming and complicated. So we’ve built an EoSL Resource Library you can easily check any time, when it’s convenient for you. More specifically for IBM hardware, you can click here, or take a quick-glance at the list below.

These are the known IBM hardware models heading toward EoSL in the next few years.

Model EOSL Date
IBM xSeries RXE100 12/31/2018
IBM pSeries 550 1/31/2019
IBM BladeCenter JS12 3/31/2019
IBM BladeCenter JS23 3/31/2019
IBM DS8800 MDL 951 3/31/2019
IBM DS8K EXP MDL 95E 3/31/2019
IBM ECLIPZ Blade 3/31/2019
IBM i570 3/31/2019
IBM Power 520 3/31/2019
IBM Power 520 Express M25 3/31/2019
IBM Power 520 Express(R) 3/31/2019
IBM Power 550 3/31/2019
IBM Power 550 Express M50 3/31/2019
IBM Power 560 3/31/2019
IBM Power 570 3/31/2019
IBM Power 575 3/31/2019
IBM Power(R) 595 3/31/2019
IBM Storwize V7000 4/30/2019
IBM Flex System p24L 9/30/2019
IBM Flex System p260 9/30/2019
IBM Flex System p460 9/30/2019
IBM Power 710 IOC 9/30/2019
IBM Power 710/730 9/30/2019
IBM Power 720 9/30/2019
IBM Power 720 IOC 9/30/2019
IBM Power 740 9/30/2019
IBM Power 775 9/30/2019
IBM Power 780 9/30/2019
IBM PowerLinux 7R1 9/30/2019
IBM PowerLinux 7R2 9/30/2019
IBM PowerLinux 7R2 L2S 9/30/2019
IBM PS700 Blade 9/30/2019
IBM PS701/702 Blade 9/30/2019
IBM PS701/702 Blade 9/30/2019
IBM PS703 Blade 9/30/2019
IBM PS704 Blade 9/30/2019
IBM pSeries 570 10/31/2019


Next Step Considerations:

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Joel Holder, Senior Account Executive, SSCS North America

Joel joined SSCS in 2018, bringing account development experience from Oracle, IBM, Rackspace Hosting and webOS – approximately 19 years in consultative IT sales and account management. A lifelong resident of Texas, and pleased to have returned to his hometown of Houston, Joel has been an active volunteer in worthy causes such as: Austin Pets Alive, Austin Habitat for Humanity, Central Texas Foodbank, Meals on Wheels and is an active committee member for both the Rodeo Austin and the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. A winner of numerous sales awards and honors, he is most proud of receiving IBM’s “Putting the Customer First” award in 2014. In addition to his volunteer activities, Joel enjoys reading and is an avid golfer.

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