By John Kolkmeier, Director, Global Service Delivery, SSCS

Hey, this is my first blog! Wish me well as I am new to developing educational content across this sort of venue.

From my experience with SSCS clients, they are most surprised to learn that it is indeed possible to use SSCS for Smart Hands support with hardware assets that are still under warranty. As many of you know, several of the OEMs do not have the staffing necessary across all geographies to respond as quickly as they might like, or as their clients may prefer for their mission critical assets.

Smart HandsWhen your servers or storage devices indicate errors and you learn that the OEM’s response time creates a problem for you, there is nothing wrong with asking them for their blessing to use a respected independent provider to help. It is important to get their blessing and not risk jeopardizing warranty status, but we’ve witnessed many OEMs readily welcoming such a solution.

While the OEM controls the warranty, and clients should protect warranty protections, a good dialogue can often result in a deployed solution from an independent that returns hardware to operational status rather quickly. You’ll likely find that they readily embrace these solutions in other countries, in smaller cities or even in very remote locations (where large cities are more than two hours away). Of course, we hope you’ll call SSCS when you’ve done the legwork with the OEM and you require immediate attention for your data center hardware and networking gear.

SSCS Smart Hands also offers:

  • Project assistance providing incremental IT expertise/labor
  • Remote office support
  • Server/storage/networking installations, diagnostics, troubleshooting
  • Server/storage/networking relocations
  • Cabling support
  • Component upgrades, tape/CD exchanges
  • Resetting ILO and/or remote connectivity cards
  • Visual inspection of systems, asset location verification, physical site audits
  • Periodic site visits/walk-throughs.
  • Assistance with all levels of problem determination and/ deployment of corrective action

John “JK” Kolkmeier, Director, Global Service Delivery, SSCS

This year will be John’s 29th year with SSCS Global IT Services. A graduate of University of Houston, Clear Lake, most of John’s field service career has been with SSCS. Having several years of experience in direct field service and break/fix maintenance for multiple OEMs and platforms, John was promoted to Global Service Director eight years ago. All global field support and OEM subject matter expertise reports up to him.

In addition to his deep levels of interest in data center support best practices, John is an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, committed to non-profit groups dedicated to habitat protections and enhancement. He is also an avid fan of all sports, with a great appreciation for golf.

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