By Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS

Every year, organizations task IT professionals with increasing efficiency while cutting costs. To cut costs, you must determine where the bulk of your budget is going. With the ability to consume up to two-thirds of your budget, looking at IT support contracts is a great place to start. Many companies struggle to find the best quality and most cost optimized support solution for their data center equipment.

Significant cost benefit combined with significantly increased levels of service are a major reason companies are exploring ways to transition to third-party maintenance (TPM) multi-vendor providers. Depending on your types of equipment and locations, it may be TPM providers can cut costs by as much as 40-60% compared to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) extended warranties. This is where SSCS can help. TPMs do not have the same overhead cost that OEMs do, and so your money is directly applied to the cost of delivering service. TPMs provide a better result for a lower cost.

Growing Money - IT BudgetsThe OEMs business model is based on a regular (nearly constant) cycle of product refresh. And they coerce business into buying the latest technology whether they need it or not. Moore’s Law states that capacity and speeds double every 18 months, but that has certainly slowed down, and in some cases come to a halt. But still, pressure to buy new equipment from OEM sales departments remains in place. This coercion can come from arbitrary end-of-service-life designations, rising charges, punitive “gotcha” policies, and other means.

Many businesses are resisting this pressure and are opting instead to explore the TPM industry to support their still viable infrastructure. SSCS provides value by extending usable equipment life and holding support charges steady/lower for more predictable year-over-year support costs. By focusing on service instead of re-occurring hardware sales the client’s needs, SSCS provides customer centric policies, attention to detail, and maintains a dedication to superior customer service and long term value.

Getting hardware maintenance support for servers, storage and network equipment from a TPM partner can help IT managers either maintain more systems or reduce their operating budget. This can prove valuable to the IT teams who do more, with less. Third-party maintenance can be the difference between comprehensive and cost-effective hardware maintenance coverage and OEM maintenance that bleeds your budget dry.

Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS

This year will be Mark’s 23rd year with SSCS Global IT Services. Beginning in sales, he was promoted to Vice President, Sales & Marketing, now responsible for all global sales activities, brand recognition, inbound/outbound marketing and primary messaging. In his previous employment in management with Ritz Carlton, Mark was highly influenced by their industry-leading customer service program, as influenced by the standards of the Malcolm Baldridge quality awards.

In his spare time, Mark is engaged is numerous activities with his daughter, plays the bass guitar and is a vocalist with a band and his church choir.

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