By Steven Foss, Senior Sales Executive, SSCS North America

Tracking NetApp EoSL (End of Support Life) or EoL (End of Life) dates can be time-consuming and complicated – especially when the OEM doesn’t make it quite so easy. So we’ve built an EoSL Resource Library you can easily check any time, when it’s convenient for you. More specifically for NetApp Storage, you can click here, or take a quick-glance at the list below.

These are the known NetApp storage models heading toward EoSL in the next few years.

NetApp Storage Model  EOSL Date 
NetApp FAS3210 12/31/2018
NetApp FAS3240 12/31/2018
NetApp FAS3270 12/31/2018
NetApp FAS6210 12/31/2018
NetApp FAS6240 12/31/2018
NetApp FAS6280 12/31/2018
NetApp FAS3220 1/31/2020
NetApp FAS3250 1/31/2020
NetApp FAS2220 3/30/2020
NetApp FAS2240 3/30/2020
NetApp FAS6220 4/30/2020
NetApp FAS6220 4/30/2020
NetApp FAS6250 4/30/2020
NetApp FAS6290 4/30/2020
NetApp FAS2520 4/30/2021


Next Step Considerations:

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Steve Foss, Senior Sales Executive, SSCS North America

Based out of Minnesota, this is Steve’s sixth year with SSCS, yet joined the organization with several decades of experience in IT sales and building solutions for the data center professional, as well as IT procurement. In his early career, Steve spent 24 years with DecisionOne, then created additional client value with roles at Northrop Grumman, StorageTek and Sun Microsystems.

Before landing at SSCS, he sold to a tight geography for two small Third-Party Maintainers, which were based in Minnesota. In addition to building value for his clients, Steve is passionate about fitness and visits the health club 6-7 times each week, rides bicycle and water skis in the summer months, cross-country and downhill skis in the winter months. Every day, over the lunch hour, Steve takes a 3-mile walk to enjoy the fresh air, but wanted all to understand his smartphone goes with him.

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