By Damon Yee, Sun/Oracle Specialist & Subject Matter Expert

In recent years, Oracle hasn’t formally published future (planned) End of Life or End of Service Life dates. Instead, we often learn about an EoL date the month it happens, which is unfortunate for Oracle’s clients who may be caught by surprise, and thereby forced to renew support with the OEM.

I’m only able to offer you data for known EoSL Sun/STK assets in recent years. Be sure to let me know if you ever discover a public Oracle web page the indicates EoL more than 60 days in advance.

Here are the Sun and StorageTek models that went EoSL in 2017 and 2016:

Sun Model  End of Support Life Date 
Sun SPARC T3-1 Server – 8 Core 8/1/2017
Sun SPARC T3-2 Server – 16 Core 8/1/2017
SunFire T5240 – 1 x 8C CPU 2/1/2017
SunFire T5140 9/1/2016
StorageTek 2530 Array 7/1/2016
Sun StorageTek 2510 Array 7/1/2016
Sun StorageTek 2540 Array 7/1/2016
Sun Netra T2000 – 4 Core 4/1/2016

When you have Sun or StorageTek hardware that has past EoSL dates, don’t forget that you need not pay expensive Oracle support pricing for these post warranty assets. Instead, look to independent support and what is known as Third-Party Maintenance. Savings of 50% or more are quite common.

Feel free to bookmark the EoSL Resource Library we’ve created at SSCS; or more specifically, the Sun EoSL Resource Library is also very helpful. If you discover specific assets which we haven’t listed in these resource centers, please alert us and we will promptly address.

Unfamiliar with the TPM (Third Party Maintenance) industry? Here are two helpful white papers we published this recent summer:

1. “Understand Why 71% of Fortune 100 Companies are Now Using Independent Hardware Support”
2. “Still Unfamiliar with the Benefits of Third-Party Hardware Maintenance?”

Damon Yee, Sun/Oracle Support Specialist, SSCS

This is Damon’s 8th year with SSCS. Prior to joining the company, Damon was an SSE with Sun Microsystems for 10+ years, a senior FE with Digital Equipment (DEC) for 5 years and a senior customer engineer with Wang Laboratories for 5 years. In all, he has 30 years of experience in hardware break/fix maintenance and systems troubleshooting activities. Damon has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology from City University of New York City College.

In his spare time, Damon likes to stay very active in hobbies including bicycling, home computer repairs and auto repair. Earlier in his career, he regularly participated in amateur bicycle racing.

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