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By Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS On occasion, haven’t you wanted access to technical expertise for IT projects, or during major deployments, upon whom you could rely without additional burden to your current IT staff? Or, wished for a resource that charged a fair rate for projects – on-demand IT projects, which have […]

By Ty Stubblefield, SSCS Lead Development Specialist Since moving their fiscal year end to the end of July, the Cisco Sales Team have pushed its clients to have more renewals occur in the summer months. While it might seem, at first glance, that this change was helpful to clients and employees, permitting all to have […]

By Rick Moller, Cisco Support Specialist & Subject Matter Expert, SSCS Do you know why most of your industry peers are paying more for Cisco support than others? Here are the Top 9 Reasons: 1. Unlike the typical data center infrastructure manager, the Cisco SMARTnet contract holder is often unfamiliar with hybrid support models and […]

By Joe Rankin, Cisco Specialist & Subject Matter Expert If your team is interested in reducing Operating Expenses, but is not yet tracking EoS or EoSM dates for each asset, the following chart should be helpful. As a reminder, forced upgrades are not always necessary when your networking hardware is productive and stable. Your environment’s […]

By Joe Rankin, Cisco Specialist & Subject Matter Expert Quite frankly, it’s likely that you or your network admins are buying expensive Cisco support when it’s overkill for a portion of your asset base. But how many of you walk around with a deep comprehension for which assets are end-of-life and, more importantly, which are […]

By Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS For those whose Cisco support agreements coincide with Cisco’s fiscal year, today is a very good day to begin your analysis. If your agreement is not slated for renewal until calendar year-end, I would suggest beginning your examination 60-90 days in advance. Why is such an analysis […]