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By Xavier Surentherathas, Business Development Director, SSCS APAC Now that 71% of the world’s largest companies are using Third Party Maintenance for post-warranty servers, storage and networking hardware, the Third Party Hardware Maintenance industry is becoming a popular method to effectively contain IT costs and reduce operating expense. Instead of competing with OEMs and offering […]

By John Donoghue, Senior Sales Executive, SSCS EMEA If you’re responsible for hardware support contracts, or hardware OpEx reductions, but not yet familiar with the term, “hybrid hardware support,” let’s start with an explanation: A “Hybrid Hardware Support” model describes when your in-warranty IT hardware (servers, storage and networking) are supported by the OEM, during […]

By Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS On occasion, haven’t you wanted access to technical expertise for IT projects, or during major deployments, upon whom you could rely without additional burden to your current IT staff? Or, wished for a resource that charged a fair rate for projects – on-demand IT projects, which have […]

By Evandro Pasquarelli, Business Development Director, SSCS Brazil Whether you prefer the older term, “Emerging Markets,” or the newer terms such as “Newly Industrialized Countries,” or even the group labelling, such as “BRIC (referring to Brazil, Russia, India and China),” Wikipedia describes these emerging markets as being in transition from less developed to more developed. […]

By Ty Stubblefield, SSCS Lead Development Specialist Since moving their fiscal year end to the end of July, the Cisco Sales Team have pushed its clients to have more renewals occur in the summer months. While it might seem, at first glance, that this change was helpful to clients and employees, permitting all to have […]

By Bernie Armstrong, SSCS Senior Sales Manager, EMEA This article will address those individuals that are already familiar with Third-Party Maintenance (TPM), as well as those that are unfamiliar. Certainly, the purpose for this content is to provide consultative guidance to data centre operations and IT procurement professionals, helping them to understand the timing of […]

By Sarah Bellamy, SSCS Sales Development Director, EMEA New to IT Procurement or Data Center Operations? Or, perhaps you’ve bypassed the TPM definition and value story, due to time or availability? Regardless of why you are reading this now, my commitment is to share with you a simple, step-by-step and unbiased overview of the TPM […]

By Janne Kokkaret, SSCS Business Development Director – Nordics What do I mean by “Hybrid Hardware Support?” It’s when your in-warranty IT hardware (servers, storage and networking) are supported by the OEM, during the warranty period. Then, all or a portion of your post-warranty assets are maintained by an independent hardware support provider (also known […]