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By Michael Yost, SSCS Digital Marketing & Design Manager In 2016, Mondelez International (makers of Toblerone Swiss chocolate) decided to quietly cut the size of the chocolate bar by widening the spaces between its iconic triangle-array bars while maintain the original overall length. There was less chocolate, and the price remained the same. Chocolate lovers […]

By Michael Yost, SSCS Digital Marketing & Design Manager The day I bought my first car was one of the happiest days of my life. The idea of the freedom it gave me was overwhelming. Then one day while driving to the mall my engine gave a weird noise and an even weirder smell and […]

By Steven Foss, Senior Sales Executive, SSCS North America Many companies and/or industries going through marketplace disruption now have mandates to cut operational expenses, when and where possible – especially when doing so does not impact the client experience. Industries, such as Oil & Gas, are now seeing reduced profits and executive teams are pushing […]