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By John Kolkmeier, Director, Global Service Delivery, SSCS In my last blog, I wrote about a few ways in which IT procurement could better vet hardware support vendors by drilling with questions about Communications & Tools. Before that, Mark Havens shared one with the same purpose, but focused on questions that forced transparency around Parts […]

By John Kolkmeier, Director, Global Service Delivery, SSCS I’m truly delighted to see a rapid growth in companies trusting and choosing independent hardware support (third-party maintenance) for post-warranty servers, storage hardware and networking equipment. With the support of Gartner, this industry is finally getting the traction and credit it deserves. OEM pricing for post-warranty hardware […]

By Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS Sometimes you may find that you just don’t have enough IT staff on hand to address special technical projects. By projects, I am specifically referring to tasks that have a beginning and an end – no matter the level of complexity. Or, perhaps you have projects/tasks that […]