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Chris Atkins, SSCS Service Delivery Manager, U.S. & APAC In recent weeks, both Mark Havens (VP, Sales & Marketing) and John Kolkmeier (Director, Global Service Deliver) have shared blogs directly addressing “Service Quality” as a differentiator from the current market of Third-Party Maintainers, which many of us prefer to call Independent Hardware Support. Both of […]

By Darren Booth, EMEA Service Delivery Manager, SSCS As a relatively new team member of SSCS, but not so new to the hardware support industry, I can honestly say that there is something very special about this company’s culture – it really is our differentiator. That “something” equates to great benefits for the employees and […]

By Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS Myth #1 – The OEM field engineers are more experienced than Third Party Maintenance providers. The reality is that most hardware OEM’s send new hires to training programs and send them out to practice their new skills – in YOUR data center. Third Party Maintenance providers like […]