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By Xavier Surentherathas, Business Development Director, SSCS APAC Now that 71% of the world’s largest companies are using Third Party Maintenance for post-warranty servers, storage and networking hardware, the Third Party Hardware Maintenance industry is becoming a popular method to effectively contain IT costs and reduce operating expense. Instead of competing with OEMs and offering […]

By John Donoghue, Senior Sales Executive, SSCS EMEA If you’re responsible for hardware support contracts, or hardware OpEx reductions, but not yet familiar with the term, “hybrid hardware support,” let’s start with an explanation: A “Hybrid Hardware Support” model describes when your in-warranty IT hardware (servers, storage and networking) are supported by the OEM, during […]

By John Kolkmeier, Director, Global Service Delivery, SSCS Is this your first time project managing a server or storage device relocation? This blog is intended to help you understand the five most important items to consider in any data center hardware relocation. 1. Providing Advance Notice to All Direct Team Members & Affected Parties: Make […]

By Mark Havens, VP, Sales & Marketing, SSCS If your data center infrastructure includes HP servers and storage, perhaps you’ve considered extended HP server or HP storage lifecycles to contain CapEx (Capital Expenses) for a few years so budgets can be afforded toward other priorities or projects. For several reasons, lifecycle extensions can be helpful […]