By Rick Moller, Cisco Support Specialist & Subject Matter Expert, SSCS

Do you know why most of your industry peers are paying more for Cisco support than others?

Here are the Top 9 Reasons:

1. Unlike the typical data center infrastructure manager, the Cisco SMARTnet contract holder is often unfamiliar with hybrid support models and Gartner-recommended best practices.

2. The typical SMARTnet contract holder is driven by security/stability/resiliency sensitivities far more than cost containment.

3. Because they are driven by stability, the SMARTnet contract holder is unaware of the Cisco pricing trends associated with post-warranty assets.

4. Nor do they understand that SMARTnet’s greatest benefit (software) dwindles significantly at key dates after the warranty expiration.

5. Even if the SMARTnet contract holder resides within IT procurement, he/she is very unlikely to understand the most critical cost-savings trigger – End of Software Maintenance.

6. Few understand that expensive SMARTnet support is incredibly budget wasteful once software updates become FREE or are no longer available. Yes, FREE is one stage of the post-warranty lifecycle of many Cisco assets.

7. While 71% of Fortune 100 companies are using hybrid support models, SMARTnet contract managers haven’t yet gotten the message.

8. Most are unaware that a hybrid Cisco support model can generate 50-70% savings off eligible post warranty assets, or reduce their total annual Cisco operating expense by 10-20% by using a hybrid model.

9. Most contract managers are unaware how simple the independent support community has made the task of identifying assets eligible for independent support, then quantifying the savings. Most pure-play third-party maintainers have specialized Cisco teams and automation tools to complete this step for them in under one week.

As Gartner industry analysts, such as Christine Tenneson, will tell you, the independent support industry has ready-made tools in place to help you simply and quickly conduct an audit of your Cisco assets, identify which are best for independent support and the means to quickly quantify your savings potential.

It would be our honor to help you understand which assets are both eligible AND logical for lifecycle extensions and independent support. If you would like to begin a conversation with our Cisco Support Team, please submit your inquiry here:

Rick Moller, Cisco Support Specialist, SSCS

This year will be Rick’s 8th year with SSCS and its Cisco Support Team. Prior to joining the company, Rick worked at the Houston-based Cisco TAC for eight years and played an integral role in Knowledge Management. Prior to the Cisco TAC, he held a sales position in the auto rental business.

Joe grew up in Houston and is an avid fan of all sports, but especially loves baseball and the Houston Astros.

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